Estate Fence

Estate fence feature unique designs which provide a custom, upscale look
Tongue and Groove board with Chestnut Hill top and Nantucket post caps Tongue and Groove board fence with lattice top and classic/gothic post caps
6' cedar board fence with diamond cut-outs and 3 piece molded cap.

Spaced Fence

Spaced fence is available in picket and board, with straight or scalloped panels. Spaced fence range from 3'-6' in height, with a 2 inch space between each picket. Gothic/classic, Nantucket and Chamfered post caps add a more decorative look.

3' spaced picket fence with a 3' walk gate 4' Classic picket fence
4' scalloped spaced board fence with classic/gothic post caps4' scalloped spaced board fence with an 8' double drive gate and classic/gothic post caps
4' scalloped spaced board fence with one piece top cap and classic/gothic post caps
For more information contact us at: or (413)896-6283

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